PS Mudra Team

CEO & Co-Founder 


Praveen Rana

Praveen Rana is an entrepreneur, visionary thinker, and staunch advocate of digital technology. Under his leadership, our project is progressing dynamically, and his commitment inspires us to achieve our goals.

Our Team

Our team is a talented, inspired, and diverse group dedicated to the mission of providing financial solutions to our clients. Each member brings unique expertise to the table, and our collaborative energy enables us to support each other and deliver innovative solutions. Meet our team:

Our Team

PS Mudra has laid its foundation with the dream of creating a financially stable society. Altering the mindset of people, from a loan as a burden to a loan as a planned decision. Started in 2013 and now has successfully left its footprints in every state with a total of more than 140+ branches PS Mudra is the bridge between you and the banks which are preferred to take loans at the low-interest rates. We are your helpers in providing you with personal loans, home loans, and business loans. PS Mudra is tied up with the top banks and NBFCs to assist you in every way possible in financial services. PS Mudra is making the loan a planned decision rather than a burden on shoulders. Our team is going the extra mile to bring an optimistic change in the financial service market. We are here to make this world a financially aware and sustainable place to live. Narrowing the distance between in-depth financial products and a common man.

We're on a mission.

Welcome to PS Mudra, your trusted destination for hassle-free and accessible loan solutions. We understand that financial needs can arise unexpectedly, and finding the right loan option can be overwhelming. That’s why we are committed to providing a user-friendly platform and personalized services to help individuals and businesses find the perfect loan to meet their needs.